The return of the Africa Twin, can it be true?


I’ve always loved the look of the Africa Twin, it just seemed to have more of an adventure bike look and more true off road ability.  I just heard that Honda may be reviving the model.  Is this true?  Will this be the bike to beat the GS domination?



Back in Rossendale

I arrived back in Rossendale and the fun fair is in town. Some lovely artwork on the rides.


Drugs for cats



They sell drugs for cats at the local pet shop. Thats one stonner cat.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga again tomorrow.  I went for the first time last week with a bad shoulder due to moving house.  Feeling a lot better now so hope to get more into it.



Booked BikeSafe

Well I have finally booked up for the BikeSafe course and will be heading down Bromley on Saturday morning. A course run by the London Met where you get to ride around with one of London’s finest and they comment on your riding.

The week didn’t start of well with a ride into work resulted with a screw in my back tyre. I did hear the ‘pop’ and at the next junctions some guy said to me you have a massive nail in your tyre. A quick trip to FWR at Kennington after work got that sorted. Ready for the weekend and…..

Road trip to mum’s

Bandit Just back from a road trip looking up an old mate, visiting my mother and doing a little camping. It just so happened that the direct route from where I was camping to my mother’s was taking in Snake Pass. With riding in London I don’t get much chance to do a lot of twisties so it was an enjoyable ride even thought the only real rain I saw on the trip was on the top of the pass.

All work and no play…..

Two weeks off work to try and forget about work.   Really thinking about turning off the computer and putting it away for the full two weeks and having some low tech shut down.